Advantages Of Toronto Epoxy Flooring

When looking for a flooring solution that provides beautiful results and durability that will keep up with almost every spill, it can be difficult. Our team recommends epoxy flooring for a wide number of different circumstances, and today we will outline the advantages of installing epoxy flooring into your space. 

1. Visual Appeal

One of the most apparent benefits of installing epoxy is it’s appearance. This flooring makes your space look extremely professional, and offers a shine like no other. Epoxy flooring happens to be used mainly because of its appearance. The smooth, even surface is extremely easy to maintain and keep clean. This means that your floor can look beautiful and you can keep it looking beautiful for years to come. 

2. It’s Affordable

You will be happy to know that this method of flooring is also extremely cost-effective. Epoxy can be applied over concrete, making the cost of installation much cheaper, faster, and easier than normal. 

3. High Durability

Unlike other flooring solutions, Epoxy is 100% resistant to materials such as oil, bleach, cleansers and gasoline. This explains why epoxy is very commonly used in garage spaces and auto spaces/shops. In addition, the coating is also heat and water resistant, so you can be certain that your epoxy flooring will last you a long time into the future and maintain its shine. 

4. Customizable

When you decide on epoxy, you have the option to decide from a wide variety of different colours and patterns. This means that you can choose the style that accents your living space best, making your experience customizable and personalized. Arranging the floor in certain designs and patterns with different types of colours has never been easier.

5. Lasts A Long Time

Other flooring solutions can wear down quite easily over time, losing their shine and even texture. When you use epoxy flooring, you can be sure that it will last for a number of years without any damage such as cracking or peeling. It’s extremely durable when it comes to any kind of impact or scratch, giving it a lifespan much longer than other flooring solutions. 

6. Protective

Epoxy flooring also keeps the concrete layer below safe from grease, stains and moisture. This saves you a lot of money in both maintenance costs and cleaning costs by removing the need of having to clean stains or grout. 

How We Can Help

At the end of the day, there are a wide number of advantages to installing epoxy, so you should definitely take it into consideration when you are trying to decide on a flooring solution. Luckily, we here at iEpoxy can provide you with Residential Epoxy Flooring in Toronto for an amazing price. Want to learn more? Be sure to contact us at 416-825-2542 today.