Choose Right Epoxy Contractor Toronto

When epoxy floors are poorly installed, it can be seen as a huge detriment to your home/business, especially if you are using them for safety reasons. That is why it is extremely crucial to be aware of your contractors process, methods, and overall knowledge about epoxy flooringiEpoxy has come up with a few things to be aware of before you hire a contractor to do your epoxy. 


Skill and experience is important when you are hiring a contractor. You want to be sure that they have been working in the industry/been trained properly. The techniques they use must work alongside the climate conditions of the space. If this is not done, then the floors can become easily ruined/damaged. 


  • Check if the contractor is licensed and insured. Both should be ticked off the list before you decide to hire, as these are crucial components in the worst case scenario if your home/property is damaged.  
  • Ask for references if you can. If possible, ask for your contractor to provide you with references. This will further ensure you that your contractor can be trusted with the job of doing your floors.  
  • Make sure all agreements are in writing. Verbal agreements are not enough, once an agreement is done in writing, they must do the job in the way that you need it done.  
  • Moisture testing is crucial. Never let a contractor leave until you ask about their policies on moisture testing.  
  • Do some of your own research. It is easy to get excited about a new home upgrade, but make sure that you learn about the different types of epoxy before making a decision.  
  • Look at reviews online. Looking at reviews for a certain contractor will give you a general idea as to how well they’ve done other projects, as well as their expertise and overall demeanor. 
  • Ask about the materials and techniques used. Certain mixtures can be toxic, so be sure that you’re aware of what is being used in your project. 
  • Prep your floors. This is an important step in the process because if they are not prepped in the proper way, the installation will not go according to plan. 
  • Look around for appropriate pricing. Compare rates and see what the most affordable option is for the quality of work done. Balance is important. 

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