Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings Myths Toronto

Epoxy floors have been around for a while but there are still lots of misinformation out there. For those who are interested in Toronto garage epoxy flooring, it’s a good idea to research before you take the plunge.

To help you choose the right flooring for your needs, iEpoxy Flooring has put together a list of the five most commonly heard myths about epoxy garage floor coatings.

Myth 1 – a Professional Application is Expensive

Epoxy flooring should always be poured by a professional. They are chemical resins that dry hard and require the right amount of mixing for the best result. Beware of those offering extremely cheap flooring services and those that offer extremely costly flooring services.

The average price you can expect to pay should range between $6 and $9 per square foot. The cost variance mainly is caused by the colors, style, floor preparation, and other local taxes. This may seem like a lot, but in terms of flooring, it is actually quite affordable.

Myth 2 – DIY Epoxy Is Equal to Professional Epoxy

Epoxy kits can be found at most home improvement stores. While you may be able to do a passable job on your own for small spaces, larger projects should always be handled by the pros.

Garage flooring needs the right preparation and the right thickness in order for the resin coating to be effective. The materials used by the professionals are also of a higher grade and quality than those sold in prefabricated kits commercially.

Myth 3 – the Surface Only Needs Sweeping Before Application

The garage floor surface needs much more than a simple sweep and mop ahead of an epoxy application. In general, a professional will get rid of all contaminants, loose cement, and any other existing debris. Then, the surface will be treated to open the pores so that the coating can bond with the material.

Myth 4 – Epoxy and Paint Are the Same

While both paint and epoxy offer a glossy finish, that is where the similarities end. Paint is a cosmetic topping that improves the aesthetics of a wall or room, but it does not provide protection. Epoxy is a resin that forms a molecular bond with the floor surface. Once poured, it hardens and is virtually indestructible. Epoxy offers a wide range of artistic options ranging from single colors to custom mixes and visual “scapes”. The durability of epoxy floor coatings means that your garage floor will be protected for generations just from one application.

Myth 5 – Epoxy Needs to Be Reapplied Every Three Years

Professionally applied epoxy flooring will last for several decades. Home kits and DIY kits may need to be reapplied more often because the resin is of lower quality. Epoxy bonds with the concrete surface creating a strong bond that will often outlast the actual building.

Affordable Epoxy for Your Garage Floor

If you are interested in having your garage poured in an epoxy coating, iEpoxy Flooring can help. We offer a wide range of color options from some of the top brands on the market. We have affordable packages for all sizes and spaces, so give us a call at 416-825-2542 to find out more.