Toronto Commercial Metallic Epoxy Flooring

If you are looking for a floor for your home or business that has high-performance and an exotic finish, then a metallic epoxy floor is exactly what you are looking for! It can be a major hassle to try and figure out what floor is best for you, considering there are a plethora of them on the market. We are going to make your lives a little easier by showing you a new floor that is growing exponentially popular in the market today. The metallic epoxy floor will be sure to exceed all your expectations! Below, iEpoxy Flooring is going to go over just a few reasons why this floor is so spectacular.  


There are a lot of people that believe the shiny floor finish is the top benefit. However, although this feature is nice, we believe that the number one benefit to epoxy flooring is the unwavering durability it has. This floor can withstand a beating and still look fantastic! This floor is able to stand up against a variety of damage. It can stay strong against things like heavy vehicle or foot traffic, dropping heavy objects, as well as scratches and abrasions. It is also extremely resistant to chemicals. This chemical resistance extends to things like gasoline, engine degreasers, and even battery acid! You will be pleased to know that epoxy floors are not just for commercial buildings, you can get them installed in your home or garage! Making this a very versatile floor. 

Intoxicating Finishes 

How does completely customizable sound to you? This is the absolute beauty about this type of flooring, you can get it in any colour, pattern, style, and texture you want! Whatever you can dream of, it can be done with metallic epoxy flooring. We highly recommend hiring a reputable professional contractor to do any epoxy work you are thinking of. This will ensure that you get top quality work and finished done on your floors. They have extensive knowledge about how to use the tools like brushes, squeegees, and the proper solvents in order to give you the best results and a one-of-a-kind finish to your floor. Some finishes that you can choose from are slow-burning embers, waves, lava, and clouds. Remember, these are not the only visuals that are able to be created with epoxy, just some examples. The possibilities are endless! With these kinds of finishes being hard to achieve, this is why we do not recommend any DIY epoxy floor projects. If you happen to try it yourself and make a mistake, the one and only way you will be able to fix it is by extracting and replacing the whole floor. Going with the professionals is the only way to guarantee a flawless beautiful finished floor.  

Low Maintenance 

Do not be fooled, even though it might appear that this floor is high maintenance, it is actually the complete opposite. Rest assured that you will not need to use any waxes or polishes in order to maintain this floor. If you choose, you can use a polish to enhance the shine of your metallic epoxy floor, but we want to be clear that this is not required or necessary, only a personal preference. The only thing you will need to maintain these magnificent floors is a simple set of tools. You might even already have them at home! All you will need is a soft-bristle broom and a mop. That’s it! If you are worried about scratches, these tools will help reduce any chances of scratches on your floor. If you decide to get a metallic epoxy floor installed in your garage, you can keep things easy by using your garden hose to spray down the floors, for a super easy clean!  

How We Can Help 

You can rest easy knowing that our trusted staff has 10+ years of experience producing the most magnificent epoxy floors. They are artists in their craft! We guarantee your satisfaction with our high-quality floors. Added to the fact that we offer the most affordable and durable flooring at iEpoxy Flooring. Contact us today at 416-825-2542 if you want to learn more about our Toronto Epoxy Flooring services! You can also learn more on our website!